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 Floor System


Floor and Wall Solution

This industry has defined generations, and our floors have kept up them! Hardworking floors for production areas and traffic aisles. Conductive floors for high tech test labs and automated assembly. Chemical, impact and abrasion resistant floors in a broad array of textures, designs and finishes.

System Information:

Our Decorative Flake System is a two coat application made up of liquid coatings which are applied to prepared concrete surfaces to act as a wear surface or repair existing concrete.

What is involved?

  1. Diamond grinding or shot blasting of the entire concrete surface
  2. Repair cracks and any spalling/deterioration using epoxy gels
  3. Tinted epoxy base coat 10 mills
  4. Flake broadcast of vinyl chip aggregate
  5. Clear polyaspartic seal coat 12 mills

Reliability, scheduling, and overall performance; it is with this goal in mind that we provide complete service packages for all of the projects we decide to take on.

Recommended Flooring System:

Colour Options:

Custom colors blending options are available. A design consultation will be required.


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