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Floor System

Floor and Wall Solution

There’s no time to worry about maintenance or repairs in warehouses, distribution centers and air & ground carrier facilities. Survival is about long lasting floors that can handle consistent truck and forklift traffic. Our seamless floors stand up to it all and are easy clean too! Chemical, impact and stain resistant solutions for an industry that never sleeps.

System Information:

What is it?

The Cadillac of the industry; Decorative and extremely durable. Quartz, a 7 on Moh’s scale of hardness, is one of the most durable rocks on Earth. Diamonds score a 10 for reference. Our Double broadcast Quartz system protects and seamlessly seals your concrete. 

Common Industries: Food/Beverage, Healthcare, Automotive, Cannabis, Arenas/Stadium, Fire/Police/Rescue, Pools, Restaurants, Pharmaceutical, Retail and Offices.

Concrete Preparation: Diamond Grinding/Shotblasting

  • (Optional) 1/4″ Epoxy Trowell Grade Overlay/Sloping
  • Epoxy Patching and 4″ Hand Trowelled Radius Coves
  • Epoxy Primer Coat @ 5-8 mil
  • Broadcast Quartz (40s mesh)
  • Epoxy Build Coat @ 10 mil
  • 2nd Broadcast Quartz (40s mesh)
  • Epoxy Seal Coat (Clear) @ 12 mil

(Optional) Urethane Top Coat (Clear) @ 4 mil

Recommended System:

Colour Options:

Custom colors blending options are available. A design consultation will be required.


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