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Floor System



Flooring System Information:

The Cadillac of the industry; Decorative and extremely durable. Quartz, a 7 on Moh’s scale of hardness, is one of the most durable rocks on Earth. Diamonds score a 10 for reference. Our Double broadcast Quartz system protects and seamlessly seals your concrete. 

Common Industries: Food/Beverage, Healthcare, Automotive, Cannabis, Arenas/Stadium, Fire/Police/Rescue, Pools, Restaurants, Pharmaceutical, Retail and Offices.

Concrete Preparation: Diamond Grinding/Shotblasting

  • (Optional) 1/4″ Epoxy Trowell Grade Overlay/Sloping
  • Epoxy Patching and 4″ Hand Trowelled Radius Coves
  • Epoxy Primer Coat @ 5-8 mil
  • Broadcast Quartz (40s mesh)
  • Epoxy Build Coat @ 10 mil
  • 2nd Broadcast Quartz (40s mesh)
  • Epoxy Seal Coat (Clear) @ 12 mil

(Optional) Urethane Top Coat (Clear) @ 4 mil

IMG-20180205-WA0004 Shop Space
IMG-20180205-WA0008 Shop Space

Concrete Preparation:

Our BMG-780RS is a remote-controlled 1074 pound grinder with three planetary heads that apply over 700 pounds of pressure allowing us to tackle every job with confidence and precision. When paired with the BDC-3140 Heavy-duty dust collection system, it helps eliminate almost all of the airborne dust and particulate generated with concrete grinding.

  • New frame design and components allow for a thorough smooth grind.
  • 3 head planetary design
  • Virtually dust free when connected to BDC-3140 our dust collector
  • Dual wheel motors allow for precise speed control
  • High tech remote control unit for operation of all control.

Grinding Width: 31″

Disc Speed: 400-1200 RPM

Tooling Diameter: 9″

Head Pressure: 700 – 750 lbs

Power: 23 HP / (230v) 63 A, 3ø (480V) 32 A, 3ø

Dust Hose Connection: 3″

Dimensions: L 83″ x W 31″ x H 53″

Weight: 1074 lbs



Expansion Joint and Crack Filling/Repair

We use our own blend of Epoxy Gel to apply to the cracks and expansion joints of the concrete slab. The Epoxy Gel will soak and bond incredibly well while allowing some movement below.


DURABLE Wall Coving application

Seal the edge of your floor with a perminate coving which will allow you to easily clean and prevent harmful bacteria growth. Covings can be applied in many applications.

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