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Floor System

Floor and Wall Solution

There is no compromising when it comes to infection control. Floors in healthcare environments must be part of infection control practices as well as be highly durable, stain resistant and easy to clean. You’ll discover sterile, sound-reducing solutions, along with long lasting alternatives to VCT and vinyl tile with our seamless, urethane, resilient floors for ORs, patient rooms, labs, trauma centers, corridors and more. Free form designs and extensive colour palette included.

System Information:

What is it?
Commonly an epoxy primer and solid color build coat, also available with Urethane topcoat. Smooth or anti-slip texture finish in a wide range of colors. Our Economic choice for concrete protection. Chemical resistant, seamless, hygenic.

Concrete Preparation: Diamond Grinding

  • Epoxy Patching
  • Epoxy Primer Coat @ 5-8 mil
  • Epoxy Build Coat (Solid Color) @ 15 mil
  • (Optional) Urethane Top Coat @ 4mil



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