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Concrete SURFACE Preparation

Diamond grinding, shot-blasting, Coating / Tile / Glue Removal

Diamond grinding, shot-blasting, Coating / Tile / Glue Removal

Learn about our concrete preparation methods and tools

Concrete Restoration relies heavily on a proper surface preparation to ensure high levels of performance and durability. We understand the importance of building upon a solid foundation and have high-end, heavy duty machinery ready to get the job done right.

Diamond Grinding: 
Grinding removes laitance, protrusions, surface contaminants and produces a smooth surface open and ready for new overlay or coating system. Grinding concrete can easily be overlooked as an easy task, however it is the most important step of the flooring system to ensure a strong bond can last the wear life of the coating system. Diamond grinding can take a tremendous amount of time and this is why Next Level Coatings has invested in the right Diamatic grinders such as our most commonly used BMG-780RS ULTRAPRO remote control grinder. Our 780RS when paired with the right discs can make short work of very large projects as it weighs in at over 1000 pounds.

Shot-blasting is more a more aggressive method of surface preparation than Diamond Grinding. It leaves a deep profile that makes bonding conditions for high build flooring systems (3mm+) ideal. Shoot blasting quires very good high-quality concrete to work properly and can damage weak substrates. Shot-blasters shoot a large number of small steel balls towards the surface of the floor and will remove the surface at a rapid pace. 

Over the last 25 years, we’ve discovered many ways to prepare a concrete floor for a new concrete coating, and the only way is to use the proper tools and put in the hard work. Our flooring systems are designed to standing up against all types of traffic and the bond is the most important step to ensure longevity and durability. 

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Concrete Preparation:

Our BMG-780RS is a remote-controlled 1074 pound grinder with three planetary heads that apply over 700 pounds of pressure allowing us to tackle every job with confidence and precision. When paired with the BDC-3140 Heavy-duty dust collection system, it helps eliminate almost all of the airborne dust and particulate generated with concrete grinding.

  • New frame design and components allow for a thorough smooth grind.
  • 3 head planetary design
  • Virtually dust free when connected to BDC-3140 our dust collector
  • Dual wheel motors allow for precise speed control
  • High tech remote control unit for operation of all control.

Grinding Width: 31″

Disc Speed: 400-1200 RPM

Tooling Diameter: 9″

Head Pressure: 700 – 750 lbs

Power: 23 HP / (230v) 63 A, 3ø (480V) 32 A, 3ø

Dust Hose Connection: 3″

Dimensions: L 83″ x W 31″ x H 53″

Weight: 1074 lbs

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